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"Easy & trusted online earning opportunity"

The most popular Paid-to-Promote program where you get paid to:

Promote your link

Surf & view our ads

Refer your friends

First things first, some details about our publisher program:

Drive traffic to your PTP link and/or SURF our ads,
Then simply watch your earnings grow. The more sources you have, the more you earn!

We count both unique and non-unique visits,
Per 24 hour period and per user. Unlike other PTPs which pay only for unique visits globally.

You get paid for your referrals activity as well.
We have no limits on the amount of referrals you can have! Start building your downline now!

Detailed user-activity tracking.
We offer the most detailed statistics possible regarding user account activity!

Weekly activity contests.
The most active users earn even more simply by promoting their PTP link or by SURFing ads.

Website stats:

• Total: 171270
• Yesterday: 50

PTP visits
• Total: 513014153
• Yesterday: 643992.8

SURF visits
• Total: 142313693
• Yesterday: 172774.5

• Total: $96908
• Yesterday: $72

• Total:$81854
• Yesterday:$58

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